One simply has to love Weiss & Kranics. After playing in several band constellations the viennese Folk/Pop duo started busking in the streets. They interpret well known songs in their own unique style but also play originals.
Reality is overrated – Listen to Weiss & Kranics and escape for a moment.

Website: www.victorweiss.com

Facebook: Weiss&Kranics

Youtube: Victor Weiss

What does busking mean for you?

It’s a different kind of challenge. People don’t have to stop and listen. You have to convince them with your skills and your charisma. The ones we “catch” are the ones we make music for. A perfect yet simple way to determine your target listener.

How was your first busking experience?

Not so good. We were shy af and really inexperienced. But we guess thats a step every ambitious musician has to take.

One of the best moments you had while busking?

One time playing at “Wiener Westbahnhof” we had a huge crowd, dancing and clapping along and simply having a good time with us. We felt like we made all of their days better. That night we went to bed with big fat smiles on our faces. 🙂

Whats your motivation to do music?

Its the people. People forgetting about their problems.
Also we are happy to be able to do what we are passionate about for a living.