Rocky Leon – super positive live looping sound

With a mixture of Hip-Hop beats, Reggae and Ska Grooves and a Rock soul, Rocky Leon shines like the sun from his home, California. A viral video that brought joy to thousands of people paved the way from a life of street-performance, hitch-hiking and couch-surfing to playing shows for thousands of devoted fans all across Europe and Russia. With his loop-station, guitar, voice, vocal beat-box and other instruments the One-Man-Band’s positive energy soon has the crowd jumping up and down.

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What does busking mean to you?

Busking is possibly the most rewarding way to play music. When people buy tickets to come to your show they bring their expectations. When we’re playing on the street and people interrupt their day to stop and listen to us it gives me the direct feedback in that moment that what we’re doing is working.

How was your first busking experience?

I started busking while I was in high-school. I would play guitar and sing at home all day every day, and one day i decided i could just as well do it outside. I was still rather shy, so i would sand on bridges where people would only have to listen to me for a couple of meters.

One of the best moment you had while busking?

I’ve done so much busking and had so many great experiences, that nothing really stands out as particularly amazing. I love it when you have a crowd of 200 people and they’re all singing along.

How would you describe your personality?

Lighthearted. Happy-go-lucky. Playful. I don’t mind being the center of attention.

Where else do you play?

I’m mostly well known in eastern Europe; Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine. I busked a lot until 2011, and then as I got more well known I focussed my energy more on my Live-Looping stage performance since early 2016 I’ve been back on the streets again and loving it.

How would you describe your music, are you playing covers or originals?

The music we play on the streets is a mix of covers and originals. I play the Ukulele, sing and beat-box and my buddy Knostl raps freestyle.

When and how did you start with music?

I started playing guitar when I was 8. I took private lessons. My teacher wanted to teach me notes but i just wanted to rock out and jump on tables. So he showed me chords. It wasn’t until I was about 15 that I sat down and figured out show scales actually work.

Whats your motivation to do music?

It is my divine calling in life. Also it pays my rent. But even if money were no issue I still wouldn’t do anything else. 😀