Mario Parizek – Fingerstyle Guitar, Electronica

Mario Parizek is a full time musician performing at festivals, clubs, concert venues, who found one of his passions in performing on the streets. Based in the middle of the austrian alps, he calls Tirol his “highly inspiring home”.

Creating energizing music with a guitar, beatboxing, electronic effects, didgeridoo and many more, Mario is also offering professional workshops.

Mario Parizek is a unique solo musician and entertainer.

What does busking mean for you?

Busking is the best way to make a place on the street more friendly and colourful. Whats better then making someone´s day a little bit more nice and maybe get some donation for it. Busking means spreading and receiving  positive vibrations.

How was your first busking experience?

I was busking in Amsterdam. After a really great Violin player performed compositions of Vivaldi and had a nice crowd, I started to play my instrumental guitar songs. At this time I had no amplifier so none could hear me. Actually it was a really hard experience and I thought I´ll never busk again.

One of the best moment you had while busking?

Once I was busking in London in front of the Globe Theater and after 6 Weeks I busked in Leipzig (Germany). After half an hour of performing a guy came to me and invited me for the buskers open mic in the evening. So I accepted the invitation and went to that small bar with 30-40 people as audience. After 5 minutes a guy from the other table told me: “Hey, I know you ! I have seen busking a few weeks ago in London, I remember your sticker” That was sooooo nice 🙂

How would you describe your personality?

I think I am very dedicated in reaching what I want. I am a friendly open guy who likes to hang out with random people and love almost all kind of music.

Where else do you play?

I perform everywhere. Private parties, clubs, concerts, festivals and of course on the street. I enjoy performing spontaneous concerts which I get offered from people from the street. These are the days with the nicest turnings for me.

How would you describe your music, are you playing covers or originals?

I am playing originals. My sologuitar songs are pretty powerful and rhythmical. Guitar might be my main instrument but I really love to create electronic soundscapes via “live looping” a lot. Combining many different instruments like didgeridoo, jaw harp beatboxing and more, is also one of my biggest passions.

When and how did you start with music?

With 11 I started to play the trumpet and switched to the guitar when I was around 13. I had a really great trumpet teacher for 2 years and sadly a really bad guitar teacher. And as I was kicked out from music school I was compelled to teach myself how to play the guitar like I do today.

Whats your motivation to do music?

I wanna reach a point where I can finally do all the things I hear in my head. Combining acoustic instruments and modern worlds music technology gives a lot of possibilities and I wanna find out as much as possible.