Kitana- Didgeridoo, Flute, Guitar, Frame Drum.

Drawing inspiration from an archaic musical background, Iulia Grigorie aka Kitana Project explores traditional rhytmns and braids them with oriental and Indian influences into melodies, leading the listeners into a primordial sound dimension.

Facebook: Kitana

Youtube: Kitana

What means busking for you?

A way to break the invisible wall that still separates people from people.

How was your first busking experience?

My first solo busking experience was in Oslo, where I realized how music can paint the city’s grey noise into a harmony of colorful rich tones and how diverse and ever-changing the audience can be. The people are justifying through their delight my act.

One of the best moment you had while busking?

Every busking day has its magic.Precious moments for me are those when elders start dancing and children are surrounding me and dancing requiring a faster tempo of my beats, babies stop crying, blind people are listening. Is always breathtaking to make so many people smile in the same time.

How would you describe your personality?

Joyful, but still keeping the strong and wild spirit so much needed for a whole year round outdoor busking job.

Where else do you play?

In cafes, at venues, festivals, art exhibitions and demos for human rights.

How would you describe your music, are you playing covers or originals?

A danceable fusion of tribal, trance, oriental and Indian music, using mainly didgeridoo, but also percussion, guitar and flutes.I prefer to play my own compositions.

When and how did you start with music?

Most of my instruments I began to play them on the street, starting with the the first of them 5 years ago, after leaving my native country.Quitting my job and master studies I embraced for a time, a nomadic basic lifestyle of traveling across Europe, which led me to embrace music as my main job and focus.

Whats your motivation about doing music?

Music is a collective process of joy and creation shared with everybody around me.Most of the tunes I’ve composed and performed so far, we’re made with and for my audience.So, after more than 1000 days of performing music on the streets of various countries and cities, I could say every city needs the joy, the amazement and the amusement brought by buskers.