Kim Tamara

Kim Tamara is a singer-singwriter whose music is a mashup from acoustic pop and rock, a sense of melancholy, but with the energy that she is bringing from her rock ‘n’ roll roots. Her songs represent what goes through her head and what beats in her heart. Until now she’s played many festivals, gigs, had many TV and Radio appearances and was three times a member of the ‘Tutti’ World Music Orchestra. In 2016 she also received the ‘Young Talent Award’ from Cosmopolitan and in the beginning of 2018 she became a part of the U-Bahn stars family in Vienna.

Facebook: Kim Tamara

Youtube: Kim Tamara

What does busking mean for you?

Busking to me means connecting with people, ‘strangers’, through music. Beeing a small part of their day. Exchanging smiles before names.

How was your first busking experience?

It was one day when me and four of my classmates went to Belgrade to spend a day there. Since I brought my guitar we decided to give it a shot and we managed to break the ice, had tons of fun and even cover our train tickets If I remember correctly.

One of the best moment you had while busking?

For me the highlights is every time that someone stops and gives me their time and ears. Nothing more precious than when you see how your music affects others.

Were are you from and why Vienna?

Born in Germany, raised in Serbia and choose Vienna to continue my music education.

How would you describe your personality?

I’ve spend my whole life with myself and still find this a very difficult question.

Where else do you play?

Besides ubahn stations I try to play as often as I can everywhere I get a chance to do so. Different clubs, pubs, cafes,… I announce it regularly on my Facebook page. Would be nice to play a festival here, like I often did back home.

How would you describe your music, are you playing covers or originals?

Originals, always! Covers only if the moment is right and I feel like playing a certain song. My music, hm,… a mashup from acoustic pop rock, sometimes melancholic, but with an energy that I bring from my rock n roll roots.

When and how did you start with music?

I started early in elementary music school, playing the piano. But it was a couple of years later, when I discovered the Scorpions that I started to play the guitar and write my own songs.

Whats your motivation to do music?

Music is a way od sharing and connecting, with people, emotion. It is my way to express what goes through my head, what beats in my heart.